About me

My name is Sarah Rosengard. I’m a graduate student at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, where I study the organic carbon sink in the world’s oceans. I am originally from Queens, N.Y., where love for the ocean is neither endowed to nor bred among natives at birth. For some of us, however, it is acquired, and this blog tracks my own experiences as a burgeoning oceanographer.

Hopefully, these writings will exhibit a meandering of several stages. For one, I will have to overcome a deeply rooted fear of waves, officially termed cymophobia. This will necessitate spending several periods of life on the turbulent surface of the ocean. This stage has already started, with no end in sight !

Other steps are not as straight forward, and may include dabbling in photography, invention, hours of chemistry, and hours of withdrawal on beautiful landscapes far removed from the sea. Stay tuned…